Friends and Clients —

The real estate market is in a unique position right now. Let me give you a quick update:

1. Social distancing restrictions are loosening

Around Raleigh, we’re starting to see more and more open houses. Home sales are also picking up once again.  Of course, there is a new level of care and consideration for safety and health. At open houses, expect to see lots of hand sanitizer and gloves. We’re even seeing lots of virtual showings these days, which often suits both buyers and sellers.

2. Buyers are out and very eager

I’ve seen a definite jump in both buyer interest and viewings over the past several weeks. This has to do with pent-up demand, as well as with record-low mortgage rates.

As a result, bidding wars, which had almost disappeared before the pandemic, are back. 41% of homes sold in April experienced a bidding war. Compare that to just 9% back in January

.3. There’s an extreme lack of inventory

The number of homes for sale dropped by almost 20% annually this April. This is the lowest April housing inventory of all time.

Inventory was already low before the coronavirus hit. Now, many sellers are either hesitant because of the pandemic, or they simply don’t realize how strong demand currently is.

That’s the unique position I mentioned at the start. There’s a big disconnect between very high levels of demand and very low inventory. That’s pushing home prices to record levels. However, the moment might not last. Online listing sites already reported an uptick in property listings at the end of April. The number of homes on the market is likely to become much higher in the coming months.

That means if you’re thinking of selling, right now might be a golden moment to do so.

With the current high levels of demand, you could sell very quickly and at record price levels before a new wave of sellers comes onto the market.

If you’re curious what your home is worth in the current hot environment, take a look at this home value calculator, which is based on recent Raleigh sales:

Enter your address here to find out what your home is currently worth

If you have any questions, give me a call at (919) 412-3475. It’s a confusing and challenging time, even more so if you’re thinking of selling your home, but I’m here to help.

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