Our strategic home buying consultation will alleviate your frustration as a buyer and help you find the home of your dreams.

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We’ve been noticing a lot of frustration from buyers in the marketplace lately about the home search process. That’s too bad, because we believe this should be a joyful and fulfilling experience. With that in mind, we’ve cracked the code to help buyers get through the ambivalence and anxiety of the home search process with a strategic home buying consultation.

Look at it this way—there aren’t many important things in life you wouldn’t develop a strategy to address to ensure your success, right? Unfortunately, when addressing the home buying process, people oftentimes go online and start looking at properties in the marketplace without thinking about the strategy they’ll use to win in the marketplace.

Buying a home is the most expensive purchase many people will make in their lifetime, so it absolutely requires strategy and focus. This is where our strategic home buying consultation comes in.

The first step to this consultation is to understand the needs, wants, and desires of all parties involved in the process. Find out what they are and hit those targets. There may be some give and take, but doing that up front will prepare you to be more successful in the marketplace.

The second step is to figure out your motivation. When there’s a home that needs to be sold in order to purchase the perfect home—whether it’s a trade-up or trade-down home—there can be a conflict of motivation. Are you more interested in finding the perfect property to motivate you to actually move? If so, the danger there is once you find that perfect property, your current home isn’t ready to be marketed. If you’re more interested in getting your current home on the market, the danger there is once it’s under contract, you’ll have nowhere to go.


Lastly, you have to know what you can afford. Many first-time homebuyers don’t know what they can afford or what mortgage loan products are available to them. Because of this, they wait until they can build up their down payment or credit score to where they think it should be without realizing they’re probably already qualified to purchase. The longer you wait, the more home prices and interest rates may rise. It might be more advantageous for you to move forward now.

The whole point of our strategic consultation is to determine whether the time is now for you to buy a home. You’d be surprised at what we can get accomplished in 60 minutes by sitting down with folks and developing a strategic plan. This will help you enjoy the process of finding your dream home.

If you have any questions about this process or you’re a homebuyer and it sounds like something that might interest you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you.