April has arrived! We’ve made it through the first 3 months of the year! It’s so exciting! Things are changing once again. Longer days; we are getting back to “normal” - whatever that looks like - and we can certainly embrace life!

The Raleigh housing market is the #1 market for real estate investors in 2021. Whether you wish to invest in multifamily homes or smaller rental properties, you will surely generate a good return on investment in the city.

The Raleigh housing market also looks to be strong and steady on account of its economic stability. Raleigh is experiencing high levels of In-migration due to job opportunities, and it’s no wonder: Raleigh’s economy is based on healthcare and scientific, professional, and technical services. These industries alone take up a quarter of the city’s economy, and they have been some of the most stable industries through the pandemic. A report from “Emerging Trends” ranks the Raleigh housing market as #3 for having a strong economy.

If you or family/friends are looking to explore what Raleigh and the surrounding areas have to offer, please reach out. We are here to answer questions and keep you informed of what is happening in the area.

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