Goals—now that we’re in the new year, what are your goals? Do you have them written down? Are you reviewing them on a regular basis? If not, here are some things that you may want to consider that may help you set, stick to, and achieve your goals.

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Most anything you read about goal-setting states that if you write your goals down, you’re 80% more likely to achieve them. For years, I had goals that I kept in my head but never wrote down. I don’t think I was nearly as effective in achieving them.

Some authors on goal-setting even suggest that it’s a good idea to review your goals daily, first thing in the morning when you wake up and as the last thing you do before you go to bed at night. That may seem excessive for some, but the whole point to that conversation is to make sure that once you get your goals written down, you don’t let 12 months pass before you review them again. You should choose whatever is going to be a good process for you to be checking on your own goals.

I’d like to share a tool I use which I’ve found helpful in terms of setting a goal, as well as placing underpinnings beneath that goal that will help you review your progress and overall process.


Suppose my goal is to lose 10 pounds. This time of year, it’s always especially difficult with the number of holiday dinners that we’re exposed to. To help with that goal, I’ve drafted a “1-3-5” form. To make one for yourself, you should:

• Write one goal at the top of the form.
• Devise three strategies that will help you achieve those goals. Write them laterally beneath your goal.
• For each strategy, come up with five different tactics that you can measure and develop to meet your goal. Write those in the columns beneath each strategy.

For losing 10 pounds, my three strategies are to generally improve my diet, lift weights and work out three days a week, and to do cardio exercises two days of the week. To illustrate the purpose of the 1-3-5 form, I’ve created five tactics for eating better:

  1. Taking a protein shake once a day.
  2. Cutting soda from my diet.
  3. Cutting fast food from my diet.
  4. No dessert.
  5. Stop eating past 6 p.m.

With this, I’m able to develop not only a goal, but put some underpinnings on it as well. I can check this form on a daily basis to hold myself accountable for achieving my goal.

If you have any questions about goal-setting, please reach out to me. I’d love to hear some of your goals and strategies for achieving them.