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Sold in 2 days for 100% of List Price
Greg -- thank you for all of your work, whatever methods you use to market homes should be patented, amazing that we got an offer on the 2nd day! Thanks again for getting this done so quickly, looks like the last showing may have wanted to make an offer too.... We have already referred you to several of our friends.
Adam & Cindy

Sold in 59 Days for 100% of List
We needed an agent who had a lot of confidence that he could get our home sold for our price, so we hired Greg Ismay and his team. We didnít want to give our home away, because we had done a lot of work on it. With all the things Greg and his team did to drive traffic, our home sold in 59 days for 100% of list price. Once we were under contract, we didnít want to wonder about the buyerís loan going through. Gregís team kept us up to date on everything so we could set up our move to Texas with no worries.
Terry & Suzette

Greg guaranteed 100% of market value and kept his word
It didnít sell for a year with other agents, so I liked the fact that Greg was willing to guarantee full market value on my home. When the offer was less than what we agreed, he paid me the difference at closing like he promised!

Sold in 6 days for 103% of List
Our family is growing and we needed to trade up to a larger home but we didnít have equity. We were listed with another agent who said there was no way we could sell ours and buy another. Greg figured out a way to make it all work and sold our house in only 6 days for $4,000 more than the list price. His marketing plans are awesome!!!
Rob & Kelley†

Whatever it takes attitude
We have a real estate agent in our family who had helped us find a great deal on a new home, but we wanted an experienced and aggressive listing agent to sell our existing home. As the market shifted, selling our home became a challenge as it was one of only a few larger, newer homes in a neighborhood with primarily smaller, older homes. After lotís of showings and diligent follow up, Greg got us an offer and even though it was lower than we would have ideally wanted, we didnít want to let it slip away. We were impressed by how Greg went to work and negotiated a deal that was win/win all the way around. His "I'll do whatever it takes to get this to work attitude" really paid off.
Andy and Leigh Anne

Sold in 13 days for $3,000 more than expected
After only a few months of living in our home, we decided to sell. Concerned about losing money, we called Greg about his Guarantee. He sold our house in 13 days and netted us $3,000 more than we expected.
Timmy & Milissa

Sold in 6 days for our price
We had already moved into our new home and really needed to sell the old home quickly. But we didnít want to give it away. So, we called Greg about his Guarantee and he sold it in 6 days for our price!
Billy & Beverly

Sold in 9 days with no hassles
After 3 months of frustration from trying to sell our home ourselves, we called Greg and he sold it in 9 days! He took the hassle out of moving and we closed the same day our new home was finished. With a baby to worry about, we just needed it handled!
Matt & Tricia

Help that was worth its weight in GOLD!
Once we were under contract, I discovered a problem with my home that I didnít know existed when I bought it Ė sure wish the agent who sold me the house was on the ball like Gregís Team. It took a lot of work to get everything done in order to close on time. Gregís team pitched in and helped me every step of the way. Their help was worth its weight in Gold!!!
Al & Judy

Trusted advisor
Greg sold our home several years ago after it didnít sell By Owner. Meanwhile, our builder sold the home we had built, so we decided to rent for awhile. When ready to buy, we called Greg because he knows a lot about distressed properties and I wanted a great deal. Greg helped us buy a townhome to live in while we looked for the perfect lot to build our dream home. We closed today on our dream lot Ė right on the golf course!!! We will end up with a lot better house on a better lot for less than the home we had previously built, plus we will have our townhome to rent. We appreciate Gregís advice and help along the way.
Daniel & Casey

We needed an agent who takes charge
We looked at several homes and were having trouble deciding. We called Greg on one of his listings but learned it had just gone under contract. I really liked the questions he asked and after a short conversation felt he would take charge in helping us make decisions as a couple. My dad is an agent and I knew we needed someone who knew the market, would listen to our needs and have the courage to make recommendations. That is exactly what happened. Within a couple weeks we were under contract!
Brent & Malissa

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